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Submitted on
March 13, 2009


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What are members?
Members are the watches who have sent in a note to join. If you watch us that does not make you a member.

How do I Join?
Now that our club has been converted to a group status. All you have to do is click 'Join Our Group'. If you just want to watch us, just click '+deviantWATCH'.

What is difference between watching and joining?
Some people wish to only be watching us, they don't want to send art in and don't wish to be on the members list. So we ask anyone who would like to be on the list and send in art, to send us a note asking to join.

What are my duties as a member?
  • Put us on your watch list.
  • Put our icon, stamps, etc. in your journals.
  • Send us a note entitled "Join."

I noted to join, but my name's not listed.
Either we didn't get the note, or there was some mix up along the lines. Send us a note letting us know we have missed you out. Remember you must be watching us to be able to join!
FluffyZeliboba Apr 9, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually, 2 Fellas now :giggle: They sent me another one for some reason. I'm planning to give him to a friend of mine soon....
I didn't even know there was a fella shortage... I got mine when they were first released. ;)

My Fella is the first product I bought from dA. :heart:
I love my fella too :)
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